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Joel Tan

Granted it's charity status on 27th June 2017, YYD Education Centre is currently operating six education centres offering free education programmes specially catered to primary school children from low income families. The centres' education programme are designed to help students attain both academic excellence and world-readiness, promoting holistic child development.

Our centres have helped children aged eight to twelve realize their potential by providing targeted lessons, constant feedback and a safe and stimulating learning environment. YYD Education Centre promotes a holistic education which extends comprehensively across our six centres.

Within a short span of time, YYD Education Centre has 250 students across all six of our centres with a pool of thirty teachers. Fifty-seven students have been awarded for their academic achievements in 2017.

YYD Education Centres gets it funding solely from donations. In order to help more children realize their dream and break the cycle of poverty through education, we are appealing for your support to continue our mission to help the children and opening more centres all over Singapore.

For more information: https://yydeducationcentre.give.asia/